How to Choose the Right Cycling Jersey

A cycling jersey is an essential item of cycling apparel that keeps you comfortable while cycling and helps you to perform your best. However, if you’re to enjoy maximum comfort and perform at your peak levels, you need to choose the right cycling jersey for your body size, the environment in which you’re cycling and other factors. Here are a few helpful tips to help you choose the right jersey.

Make Sure It Fits

First and foremost, make sure that the high-quality mens cycling jersey you purchase is the right fit and feels comfortable. While many people have their own ideas as to what constitutes the perfect jersey, you need to keep things as simple as you can by selecting from the two main styles of cycling jerseys available – short sleeved and long sleeved – and make sure that whichever item you choose fits you comfortably.

Short sleeved jerseys are for summer and the warmer months of the year, depending on where you cycle, while long sleeved jerseys are for winter and the colder months of the year. Generally speaking, most retailers offer short sleeved jerseys in a lighter fabric and long sleeved jerseys in a heavier fabric – to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter – though you can often find long sleeved jerseys in a light fabric so you can keep the sun off your arms while cycling.

The main points to take note of here are:

  • Ensuring the right fit is very important as it affect your comfort and performance levels
  • Short sleeves are generally for summer conditions but light long sleeved jerseys are great for keeping the sun off your arms

The Right Look

Choosing the right look for your new cycling jersey isn’t only about fashion, it’s also about safety on the road and being seen, after all, you want to be visible to motorists as many accidents occur on country roads because cyclists weren’t easily visible to motorists. As you’ll probably be buying more than one jersey, you can choose a darker colour for daytime rides and a lighter colour for afternoon and evening rides to make you more visible to motorists and others on the road.

However, that doesn’t mean that you need to restrict yourself when shopping for a new cycling jersey, as there are many fashionable items to choose from and you’re sure to find a great looking jersey that meets your style requirements.

The main points to take into consideration here are:

  • Visibility is very important, with lighter and brighter colours the best for making yourself easily seen
  • With a wide range of designs available, you’ll find you’re spoiled for choice when choosing a new jersey

In conclusion, cycling jerseys are a vitally important item of cycling apparel because they affect both performance and comfort. There are a variety of jerseys available, including both long and short sleeved varieties and cyclists should select jerseys by taking into consideration visibility and design to choose the right cycling jersey for their requirements.

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